Change Fatigue Will Loom Over Employee Performance

When an organization undergoes frequent and significant changes, it can often result in “change fatigue” with employees. The continuous need to adapt to new processes, remember other interdepartmental changes, and keep up with fluctuating expectations can lead to resistance. This fatigue can put a damper on morale, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. Sometimes, structural changes are inevitable which is why it’s important to remember the following when it comes to mitigating change fatigue.

Transparent Communication

This involves openly sharing the reasons behind the changes that are occurring. These reasons may include the state of our economic climate, wanting to increase efficiency, or because of merging or acquiring. Providing regular updates, feedback, and addressing employee concerns will allow employers to build trust with their employees as well as alleviate any uncertainties.

Manageable Pace of Change

Thoughtful planning and careful implementation will prevent employees from feeling burnt out during organizational changes. Instead of overwhelming employees with sudden shifts coming from every which way, the company should prioritize laying out a structure for every department. Communicate the change effectively and allow sufficient time for adjustment as each phase approaches.

Offer Training and Resources

Offering training will alleviate change fatigue by providing employees with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate new processes, software, and systems that are being implemented. It will also help boost their confidence as they adapt and implement these changes into their daily work lives. Additionally, leaders should always make themselves available when many or large changes occur within their company.

Change is never easy, especially when it comes to work-related matters that can impact a person’s livelihood. Too much change – and sudden change – can negatively impact employees’ daily routines which ultimately affects their performance. Remember to remain transparent, implement changes gradually, and provide a helping hand to show the company’s commitment to supporting its workforce.