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SO MUCH TO DO, SO LITTLE TIME! ..sound familiar? This is a common theme that we hear frequently from all business owners. Whether it is payroll, benefits, recruiting or training, the administration of human resource services can take up a lot of your time and distract you from building your business. At Modern HR, it is our business to help you focus on your business. We can develop a customized package of human resource services that will meet the needs of everyone in your organization. We offer solutions to a wide variety of the day-to-day challenges you face. Check it out!



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HUMAN Resources

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Risk Management Consulting

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Non-Profit Partners

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Tax and Payroll Administration

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Employee Benefits/ACA

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Service Models

Modern HR recognizes the individual HR challenges and requirements of every organization. As such, we offer a high-touch and customized Human Resources Outsourcing solution that is unique to your business needs.

We offer different service models to suit your business:

Model A

Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

PEO is the most popular model that we offer which provides for a bundled solution. The client remains the employer and controls all aspects of the day-today operations . Through the PEO partnership the client gains access to various insurance products and we can often offer these products for less than they would pay on their own. Clients are covered under Modern HR’s umbrella for Employment Practices Liability Insurance policy and gain access to a team of experts that service all aspects of Human Resources including: assistance with labor law compliance, training, payroll processing, benefits administration, safety and recruiting. This model may provide for cost savings in operating expenses and insurance costs.

Model B

Human Resources Partnering (HRP)

HRP is an un-bundled solution where clients have the flexibility of keeping their own employee benefits and workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Like the PEO solution, Clients are assigned a team of experts that service many aspects of Human Resources, including: assistance with labor law compliance, training, payroll processing and recruiting. This model also may provide for cost savings in operating expenses. The services are tailored to the client’s specific needs and all human resources documentation is customized.

Model C

Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)

HRO is a totally customized specific solution where Modern HR handles certain aspects of the Human Resources function for a client, but does not handle the payroll or the administrative duties associated with payroll production. Under this model, a dedicated or on-site Human Resources expert is assigned to handle designated aspects of Human Resources as requested. This model allows clients to choose the amount of dedicated time, focus and strategic support required for their particular business needs.

Our amazing and talented service team bring your business expertise and experience. When an in-house process doesn’t provide the whole answer for your employee needs, a talented member of Modern HR familiar with your people and your company will close the gap. We’d love to be your human resource and outsourcing partner.