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Nearly 85% of businesses are outsourcing some aspect of their HR departments. If you spend a significant amount of time on tasks like talent managementlabor law compliancepayrollrecruitingbenefitstraining and OSHA regulations then you need ModernHR. Having an outsourced Human Resources firm like ModernHR can reduce the costs of hiring additional staff and personnel by working toward improving and polishing the skills of current employees. Our team will work towards developing specialized and skill-specific training which can improve relationships with your employee’s and increase employee retention. Let us partner with you to help your business thrive so you can focus on your core strengths and/or moneymakers.

If you regularly find yourself wishing that you had more time to spend on strategic planning, product design and marketing, and client engagement, then consider outsourcing your HR needs to ModernHR. Hiring skilled and experienced professionals to manage the most important part of any business — its people — can mitigate your risk, and free up time for you to apply YOUR expertise where it matters most. Your success is our business!

ModernHR works with many different industries all over the country. We are proud to say that we have been doing what we love for more than 35 years! See our different service models under our Services page

Also, check out our partner Sunset Business Insurance Solutions.

Sunset Business Insurance Solutions is a boutique firm offering risk management services related to workers’ compensation.  This includes the procurement of workers’ compensation insurance and the development of a strategic plan to help your business be successful.  Our experts consult with clients to generate a comprehensive offering.   

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ModernHR brings clarity and simplification to the art of human resources, enhancing our Clients’ culture and allowing them to focus on business growth and prosperity.

Dear ModernHR Friends,

I am often asked by others to describe what distinguishes ModernHR from other Human Resource providers. Although there is much to share, my comments always center on our exceptional people. Our employees consistently practice our 12 Standards of Excellence. These standards apply not only to our dealings with our valued clients, but also to the employees of our clients and to each other. What makes these standards really work is that they were developed and implemented by nominated members of the ModernHR family and are embraced by all of us. I am so proud or our talent.

We are 34 years strong and have served thousands of businesses, yet we proudly still cherish our one-on-one customer relationships. I believe that this approach to conducting business is the key to our success.

We recognize the importance of selecting the right business partner and we are confident that you will make the right choice with ModernHR. I invite your to get to know us better and thank you for your time and interest. Please feel free to contact me or any of our business consultants to discuss how we can help support your business and assist you with your future growth.

Warmest Regards,
Faith Branvold


Reduce spend on labor through innovative sourcing methods and transparent costs.

1. Self-Sourcing Can Save Up to 25%

PEO is the most popular model that we offer which provides for a bundled solution. The client remains the employer and controls all aspects of the day-to-day operations . Through the PEO partnership the client gains access to various insurance products and we can often offer these products for less than they would pay on their own. Clients are covered under Modern HR’s umbrella for Employment Practices Liability Insurance policy and gain access to a team of experts that service all aspects of Human Resources including: assistance with labor law compliance, training, payroll processing, benefits administration, safety and recruiting. This model may provide for cost savings in operating expenses and insurance costs.

2. Transparent Costs with Our Employer Ecosystem

ModernHR suggests that companies aggregate workforce employment under one (or at most) a handful of companies. The ModernHR Employer Ecosystem is built on a “transparent” cost model with which, unlike traditional staffing companies, our employer partners stop charging for statutory employer costs when workers hit their tax limits. This means that the cost of utilizing temp workers actually reduces over time. Most staffing companies keep charging these taxes and fees, using them as hidden-profit centers. Everything is established upfront so forecasting is transparent, measurable, and trackable. To the right is a table that shows the tax limits for unemployment in certain states. Once workers engaged through the ModernHR platform reach this amount of payroll, state unemployment tax costs stop.

3. Contract Recruiters and Payrolling Markups

For companies who need additional resources to recruit workers beyond their internal team, ModernHR can provide contract recruiting specialists. These recruiters work with clients on an hourly or project basis and can be based onsite or offsite depending on the needs of each client. Once workers are sourced they can be payrolled by the ModernHR Employer Ecosystem at lower payrolling markups.

4. Pre-Negotiated Recruiter Rates

When necessary, ModernHR clients can tap into The Global Staffing Loop, ModernHR’s worldwide network of independent recruiters and staffing companies who work at economical, pre-negotiated rates for ModernHR clients.

Compliant Employment

Reduce compliance risk and financial implications associated with leveraging multiple vendors.

1. Consolidate Employment through our Employer Ecosystem

The ModernHR Employer Ecosystem is built on a “transparent cost model”, and unlike traditional staffing companies, our employer partners stop charging certain fees when temp/contract employees hit their taxable limit. This means that the cost of utilizing temp workers actually reduces over time. Most staffing companies keep charging these taxes and fees, using them as hidden-profit centers. Everything is established upfront so forecasting is transparent, measurable, and trackable.

2. Workforce Management Through a Simple System

ModernHR enables companies to source, screen, test/check, onboard, engage and manage workers on one easy to use cloud-based platform. Worker and candidate tasks are managed from within the same system and can be initiated at the touch of a button – reducing margin of error that comes from using multiple systems and vendors.

3. Proving Compliance

Compliance is key, but being able to PROVE compliance is just as important! ModernHR has dynamic reporting capabilities that will help clients keep up to speed with their compliance obligations.

Convenient Engagement

Reduce compliance risk and financial implications associated with leveraging multiple vendors.

1. Speed and Quality

ModernHR can cut the time-to-engage workers by up to half by helping FMC create its own talent pool(s), auto-distributing job descriptions to their preferred recruiters and, if necessary by distributing the jobs to our Global Staffing Loop of staffing companies and recruiters.

2. Efficient Communication Platform

Automation of communication is a key feature of ModernHR. We can automate communication with candidates and recruiters through our platform. This reduces “noise” caused by calls from eager candidates for jobs and recruiters wanting to sell their candidates – a common problem for HR/Finance.

3. In the Cloud Workflow

ModernHR is mobile and social, allowing clients to access the system on the move, on any device, from anywhere in the world. This can allow FMC to recruit, communicate with the candidates, send and sign all necessary starting paperwork, etc. right from your phone or tablet.

4. Centralized Hiring Process

Clients can source, screen, engage and manage workers (including time-tracking, credentials management, scheduling) all from one platform, simplifying how the company and hiring managers utilize this workforce.

5. Comprehensive Solutions Ecosystem

ModernHR’s employment and workforce solutions partners are pre-vetted and provide a large number of customizable workforce management features for FMC. See Appendix B for a complete list.

Customizable Workflow

ModernHR solutions are designed around our client’s specific needs from sourcing through to human resources management.

1. Robust Workforce Customization

ModernHR has a highly customizable platform that “out of the box” can be set-up and ready to go within days. However, ModernHR can provide a dedicated Account Manager to work with you on adapting the Platform’s workflow and service features to meet FMC’s specific requirements. Please see Appendix B for a full menu of potential workforce features.

2. Adaptable Support Models

ModernHR can provide on-site or virtual recruiting and workforce management support to FMC, allowing the company to minimize co-employment risk while also helping to ensure that compliance and safety guidelines are met.

Connected Workforce

Access real time metrics on your workforce and rapid access to the talent your company needs when time is of the essence

1. Real-time Deep Reporting and Metrics

PeopleLoop can provide reports, easy to view dashboards and a wealth of information regarding FMC’s workforce. Using this information, FMC can fine-tune its recruitment spend, skills gaps, identify productive and unproductive resources and much, much more.

2. Connected Network

ModernHR connects client with candidates, recruiters, employers and workforce management tools and services on one platform. This makes communication quicker and easier which in turn, helps speed up the process of finding and engaging the right talent at the right time.