Incorporating Gen Z’s Workplace Expectations into Company Plans

Generation Z includes individuals born between 1997 and 2002, and people in this generation have already joined the workforce or they’re planning to in the near future. The workplace expectations of this generation may differ from other generations, and since Gen Z is the future, it’s important to cater to their expectations to help build a strong and stable team of employees. Here are some easy ways to incorporate Gen Zers’ workplace expectations into your company’s plan, which could benefit everyone and not just those from this young generation.

A Higher Salary

Everyone wants a fair salary that shows their work is appreciated. So, since Gen Zers will soon make up a substantial part of our workforce, it makes sense to increase salaries. Most people from Generation Z expect a salary that is about 11 percent higher than the national average. This might seem like a lot, but if these Gen Zers can prove their value, then it might be worth it to pay more so you can secure loyal employees who are full of motivation and eager to please.

Enhanced Mental Health Benefits

A study conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) found that Gen Zers are the most stressed generation. There are many causes of their increased stress levels, including:

  • Worries and fear regarding frequent mass shootings
  • An overload of social media exposure
  • Loneliness and relationships
  • Constant violence discussed 24/7 on the news

Gen Zers are aware of their increased psychological needs, which is why they often demand that companies offer enhanced mental health benefits. By reviewing and revising your mental health benefits, you might find it easier to attract more Gen Zers who will be exceptional workers.]

A More Diverse Workplace

Gen Zers are more likely to be from transgender, BIPOC, and other alternative groups, and they want to feel accepted in the workplace. Being more accommodating to people from alternative backgrounds requires diversity training. Diversity training can help all your employees to appreciate everyone and to focus on what they can bring to the team rather than their differences.

Most of Gen Zers’ expectations are reasonable, and as long as you carefully consider all their demands and create an effective plan to incorporate them into your company’s policies, you can successfully attract some of the best Gen Z candidates out there.