Finding and Nurturing Talent Through a Winning Internship Program

Many students want to be part of an internship program before they graduate so that they can gain some work experience before they actually join the workforce. Internships help students understand how companies are run and what’s required of an employee once they start working. Plus, there’s a huge difference between learning something in a classroom and actually putting it to use in a work environment. So internships have many advantages for students who have not yet graduated.

Advantages of Internship Programs for Companies

Keep in mind that internships can have many advantages for companies as well. You’re not just getting free (or cheap) labor when you have interns join your company. You’re also getting a new outlook from someone who has been studying the topic for the last 3-4 years. Plus, you’re getting to try out individuals who might end up joining the company later. An intern is a skilled individual who can bring a lot of new energy, new ideas and enthusiasm to the company.

Finding the Right Mentors for Your Internship Program

The most important part of a winning internship program is the mentor. This is going to be the person that the intern works with every day (or a few days a week, depending on the internship). So this has to be someone with a lot of patience, who keeps in mind that the intern has not really been a part of the workforce before. Plus, it also has to be someone with a teaching mindset, who can help the intern learn more about the industry. The mentor will also have to be able to evaluate the intern’s strengths and weaknesses and work with them accordingly. So the first step towards building a winning internship program is to figure out who in your company has the skills and the mindset to be a good mentor.

Paying the Interns in Your Internship Program

Should your internship be paid or unpaid? This is an important thing to consider when you’re setting up your internship program. Most students will, of course, appreciate getting some money, even if it’s only a token amount. Of course, if the internships are at a well-known company, it’s possible that students will compete to do them for free. But if you’re just building up an internship program, then paying your interns a small amount is always a good idea.

The Application Process for Your Internship Program

Picking the right interns from the pool of applicants out there is also important when you’re building an internship program. In order to do this, you need to come up with an internship application. This is probably going to be similar to a job application and will require the intern to fill out a form and submit a resume. If possible, it’s also a good idea to ask them to come in for an interview. And asking them to write a few paragraphs about why they’re interested in the internship program can also help you to weed out the ones who are not really serious about learning more about your industry.

Assigning a Variety of Tasks to the Interns in Your Program

Each intern is different, and the tasks that you assign to them will also vary accordingly. However, it’s important to make sure that you assign your intern a combination of tasks. Some of these tasks might be relatively simple, such as drafting letters, entering data, answering phones, setting up appointments etc. But some of them ought to require them to be more creative, such as preparing presentations, writing reports and coming up with new ideas for a certain project. This way, the intern will learn every aspect of being part of a workforce, and you’ll also be able to evaluate their suitability for joining your workforce at a later date.

When you’re looking for an intern, it’s important to find someone who is the right fit for your company. And a winning internship program can help you to do that.