7 Small Changes to Help You Feel More Motivated

Often, people feel motivated when they’re interested in what they’re doing or when that thing sounds like fun. Most of us don’t feel unmotivated for a night out with friends or watching a movie (although this can happen, if you don’t feel very interested in talking to that friend or watching that movie).

But there are other factors that influence whether or not you feel motivated. One is your general level of energy/fatigue which is, in turn, influenced by your lifestyle. If you have a healthy lifestyle, you’re likely to have more energy and you’re more likely to feel motivated to do the tasks you have to do.

7 Easy Tips to Increase Motivation

If you want to improve your levels of motivation, you can start by improving your lifestyle. Here are a few easy-to-implement tips:

  1. Try to get more sleep: Even if you can go to bed 15 minutes or half an hour earlier, you’re likely to wake up more rested.
  2. Cut down on caffeine: Although caffeine gives you a rush that lasts for a few hours, it will eventually cut into your sleep time and dehydrate you. If you are addicted and can’t bring yourself to stop, then at least try mixing some decaf with your caffeinated coffee.
  3. Make your bedroom more inviting: When you look at your bed, you should feel like snuggling under the covers and getting some rest.
  4. Start the day well: You may have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So make sure you eat a healthy breakfast. Even just one healthy element in your breakfast, such as fruit, will ensure you have more energy through the day.
  5. Make time to eat: If you’re in the habit of skipping lunch, don’t. At least eat an energy bar or order a salad and eat it at your desk. It’s better than guzzling coffee through the day.
  6. Do some stretches: If you have a few minutes at work, then use them to stretch your neck, shoulders and back. It may not feel like much in that moment but it does help.
  7. Walk a little: If you can’t make time to hit the gym, then at least walk a little bit. A lot of people wear their gym shoes to work, get off one stop early and then walk the rest of the way. Or you can just walk around the office. Some movement is better than none.

By taking little baby steps like this to stay healthy and motivated through the day, you can eventually end up increasing your levels of motivation a great deal.