Three Negative Results of Being a Workaholic

It’s good to find a job that motivates you to do your best while you work. Many people find themselves doing their best and working overtime to ensure they do everything they need to for their job descriptions. Some even put forth the extra effort to overachieve and do more work. If you find yourself doing this, you should avoid becoming a workaholic, or you could end up facing these three negative consequences.

Potentially Face Burnout

If you work too much, you could end up facing burnout with your job. Burnout refers to when you lose your motivation to work and do a good job because you put too much effort into it in the past. If you start to face burnout, you should slow down if possible. You should also focus on resting and having fun during your off time.

Lose Your Focus

When you put too much effort into your work, you could end up losing your focus by the end of the day. Your body may feel exhausted from you working too hard, so that could affect your ability to work. The same applies to the week, so you could end up losing motivation on Friday if you go overboard with your work.

Potential Health Problems

Some people end up feeling stressed out when they work too hard. This can then cause them to lose sleep, face emotional problems, and even develop illnesses. This means you need to give your body time to rest, so it can recover mentally,  physically, and emotionally. 


While being a workaholic can help you accomplish everything you need to for your work, you should avoid pushing yourself too hard. If you put too much effort into your work, you may neglect other aspects of your life and face problems. If you want to avoid the negative results listed above, you should take your work seriously without pushing yourself too hard.