Using the Marie Kondo Method to Organize Your Workspace

Posted by Mitzi Branvold | Friday, December 18, 2020

Using the Marie Kondo Method to Organize Your Workspace

Posted by Mitzi Branvold | Friday, December 18, 2020

It can be quite difficult to focus on work when you’re working in a messy area. And yet, a lot of us find it very difficult to keep our work area organized. Papers seem to pile up around us and they’re not in any organized piles either. They just seem to be lying any which way on our desks.

Everything which is on your desk may be useful but it may not be arranged in a way which is aesthetically pleasing. And eventually, this might make you feel frazzled and unable to work. Here are some tips to organize your workspace:

The Marie Kondo Method

Marie Kondo doesn’t get into the specifics of cleaning a desk in her book, Spark Joy, which is more about cleaning your home. But you can use the same techniques in your office space too.

Go through everything in your office space and give it the joy test. This means you have to touch it with both your hands and decide whether joy is emanating from that thing into your hands. You can try this with your office chair, your desk, your filing cabinet, any decorative items you have in the room etc. Don’t forget to use the method on little things like coasters, lamps, cushions etc.

Obviously you may not be able to use this technique with paperwork but it’s generally pretty easy to tell when you’re going to need a certain document in the future. If it looks like you’re not, then get rid of that piece of paper.

Decluttering and Organizing

You have to be pretty ruthless about getting rid of things which don’t bring you joy. If a chair has been hurting your back for the last year, get rid of it and get yourself an ergonomic one. If that desk is big and dumpy and generally taking up too much space, get rid of it and get yourself something airy and light which fits your space better.

Get some organizational equipment for all your files and papers so that they all have a place. Put your pens in a cup or a pencil box. Put your books away on your bookshelf. You might also want to get a few decorative items which bring you joy such as plants and picture frames for photos of family members, inspirational artwork or quotes that you want to put up.

Your workspace should make you feel productive, efficient and creative. It should fill you with ideas (or at least it should not prevent you from having them). This can be accomplished when your workspace is clutter-free and organized.