Why Should You Stop Saving Things for a Special Occasion?

Posted by Mitzi Branvold | Monday, November 16, 2020

Why Should You Stop Saving Things for a Special Occasion?

Posted by Mitzi Branvold | Monday, November 16, 2020

One of the worst things that we do nowadays is saving things up without using them. Everyone is guilty of this to a certain extent. Maybe you made an impulse purchase, but it stays in your closet for months or even years before you use it. A great example of this can be seen in the show “Suits” when Louis Litt saves a designer suit to wear when he becomes a partner in his law firm. But by the time he wears it, it has become outdated.

Things Bought for Work But Never Used

The above type of “saving up” of things doesn’t only apply to suits or things that you buy for the home. It may also apply to things that you bought for the office, like that scotch that you thought you’d only open when you got a really big client or the pen that a colleague gave you as a gift that you never used because it was too nice. It could also apply to that watch that you meant to wear to work but never did because you were saving it for a special occasion.

You Can’t Keep Waiting for a Special Occasion

We’re always waiting for special occasions to use some of our special things. But unfortunately, there are times when that special occasion never comes. And that pen might get rusted and stop working by the time you get around to using it. The same thing might happen to the watch. And if you’re saving clothes, like Louis Litt, then you may find that they’ve stopped fitting or gone out of fashion by the time you wear them.

You Feel Good When You Use Good Things

Other than the fact that you’re recklessly wasting these things which cost you good money, consider how nice your day would be at work if you did use them. Wearing that designer suit to work is likely to give you a nice shot of self-confidence. Using that pen which is smooth and clear to write with will give you a special feeling whenever you sign a check or a contract. Wearing that watch will make you feel stylish. Drinking that scotch, even to celebrate the little victories, will give you a feeling of wellbeing.

Work Performance Increases with Confidence

So think about all the things you are saving up and not using, either at work or at home and start using them. Soon you’ll find that your confidence has increased to such an extent that you’re willing to take risks which you were not willing to take before. Maybe you’ll approach new, bigger clients with pitches or you’ll start developing products with new features. You may start offering new services which you never got around to doing before.

Once you start getting around to the smaller things, you start getting around to the bigger things too. So stop saving up and start using the things you’ve bought. Your life will change for the better.