A Quick Briefing on Resuming Business During COVID 19

Posted by Mitzi Branvold | Thursday, May 7, 2020

A Quick Briefing on Resuming Business During COVID 19

Posted by Mitzi Branvold | Thursday, May 7, 2020

Here is a little something to help guide those of you who are resuming business during COVID-19. A lot of what’s covered are some simple steps that can help mitigate your employee’s risk from COVID-19 and keep everyone safe during these trying times. Here’s a short list of what’s covered.

  • OSHA requirements
  • New screening procedures for temp, current, and future workers
  • Premises liability
  • Creating flexible work policies like telework
  • Property loss prevention
  • Job aids and checklist

Let’s break these down one at a time below.

OSHA Requirements

In a typical situation, an employee cannot make a claim during a pandemic against their employer. However, during COVID-19 if an employee can demonstrate that their job conditions led them to catch the coronavirus then they may have a claim. 

New Screening Procedures

This applies to all employees whether their temp, new hires, and current employees. Temp employees will require their agency to do some sort of medical screening and new hires will have to go through the same procedure prior to starting. Current employees will have to go through a similar screening if they have contact with others at a job site.

Premise Liability

Doing business during COVID-19 means ensuring that the premises are being kept safe for employees and anyone else who will come on the premises. This is done with a 4 phase approach that is designed to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate a mitigation plan to reduce liability. It’s also advised that procedures, like requiring employees to wash their hands, practicing social distancing, and requiring protective equipment like masks and gloves are being worn by employees.

Flexible Work Policies

Businesses are going to have to be a lot more flexible with working conditions. This means being open to telework and encouraging sick employees to stay home.

Property Loss Prevention

What this means is that business owners will have to do a complete walkthrough of their areas and ensure that everything is in good working order while operating during COVID-19. Ensure that inventory is where it’s supposed to be at, buildings are being kept secure, and all fire protection and safety measures are up to date.

Job Aids and Checklist

There are a few checklists that can help you with things like medical screenings, what you should ask employees and guidelines for reopening an office.  If you would like more information on these checklists, please contact us.

Final Words

Doing business during COVID-19 can be a little stressful and we understand that. We are confident that by following these steps you can re-open your business and life can get back to normal for all of us. 

For additional support, please reach out to your HR Consultant at ModernHR to help you through the specifics. 

Stay Safe. Stay Strong.