5 Ways to Conquer Fear at Work

Posted by Mitzi Branvold | Thursday, December 5, 2019

5 Ways to Conquer Fear at Work

Posted by Mitzi Branvold | Thursday, December 5, 2019

Although most people think about making resolutions to change, many fail. Fear stops and prevents you from accomplishing what you are capable of and desire. Luckily, you can overcome fear by always trying before giving up and starting again. That said, here are five ways to conquer fear.

Educate Yourself

Many people are always afraid of the unknown. To avoid speculating and focus on facts, find the knowledge and information you need if your fear is based on a lack of information.

Understand and Embrace Fear 

The existence of fear keeps you safe. Fortunately, you can use fear as a tool to make better choices as it’s not innately good or bad. Fear helps you act in a way that will produce the results you want. Let fear inform your actions by embracing it as instruction, but not controlling them.

Visualize Achievement

Before accomplishing a physical task, sportspersons imagine the successful completion a thousand times. This is a mental mapping that ensures your body is moving in a pre-ordained path. If you are trying to succeed, use the same practice to prepare for your achievement.

Get Help

When you are afraid of something that you can’t control, look for a support group or counselor for assistance. While students have their teachers for guidance, workers have human resource managers. Your friends can also provide the needed support even if they don’t have experience in what you are struggling with.

Avoid Responding to Everything

Many are the times you find yourself admiring people who make quick actions. However, what you don’t know is that generating a plan, walking around, and being deliberate are also actions. Haste alone has ruined many successful enterprises.

When fear strikes, analyze your options and make a wise choice before jumping to make decisions at the heat of the moment.