Train Like an Athlete To Become an Amazing Business Leader

Posted by Mitzi Branvold | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Train Like an Athlete To Become an Amazing Business Leader

Posted by Mitzi Branvold | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Star athletes win acclaim, awards, followers and, most of all, success. Guess what? Business managers want to attain the very same things–to be known, obtain accolades, inspire their teams and make their businesses profitable. Just like sports stars, the most ambitious leaders strive for excellence. So, what do sports people do that allows them to reach their goals, and how can you incorporate their methods in your own work? Training. Here is how to train like an athlete to be a true winner in your job.

Goal Setting

Athletes make specific goals from day one. They set an objective for which they train in a structured manner until they achieve it. Then, they set another goal, a higher one, and develop a training plan to obtain it. They continue this cycle throughout their careers. Business people need to adopt this strategy. Set your first objective; for example, make it your goal to increase sales of your services or goods by five percent for the next quarter. Then, create a template for how you will accomplish this ambition. This can include activities such as creating flyers to distribute throughout the region, increasing your efforts on social media with more posts and blogs and contacting former customers with discounted offers to your services and/or products.

Profitable routines

Sportspeople are renown for their dedication to their training. They work consistently to build and maintain strength and stamina. Company leaders need to take their cue from the fantastic athletes who stick to the hard and smart work that enables and ensures success. Devote a significant block of time every work day to the tasks most important to your company’s continued development. This “deep” work is essential for the learning and growth necessary for real achievement. It should occur during the time of day when you are at your peak. For many people, this is the first three hours of the day. Use this time for the activities that are most important. Save routine tasks for later in the day.  

Healthy Lifestyle

A key part of training for athletes is more than the “work” they do on the court or in the ring. Their entire lifestyle is important to achieving their goals. The “hard” work they put in must be accompanied by the necessary recovery time. As with top athletes, top business leaders should make a healthy regimen a part of their overall training to grow and accomplish more things. Rest is imperative to refresh the body and mind so that the person can “run the race” and “win”. Top executives know they must turn off the “work” mode when away from the job. They must concentrate on relaxing and renewing activities such as leisurely hobbies, time with friends and families and, above all, lots of sleep. You cannot perform at your best level at your job if you are not rested so make sleep (at least 6 hours a night) your prerogative. 

Good nutrition is obviously important for athletes who must run their bodies on the fuel they consume. Business leaders often ignore the importance of a proper diet, but it is just as necessary for managers to eat well so that they can put forth their best efforts as their bodies and minds are “clean” and function well. 

Emulate Top Performers

A final training method that creates incredible advancement in the careers of athletes and business leaders is to mirror top performers. Sports and business people learn so much from those who have many accomplishments to their credit. The greats such as Muhammad Ali, Roger Federer, Henry Ford and Steve Jobs teach us the way to become the best performers possible. Take the time to read accounts of those who are top in their fields to learn what they have done to advance to the very heights of their field. Copy their methods and use their legacies for inspiration. 

You can do more than you currently imagine. The playing field awaits. Put your game face on, lace up your boots and give your all to the game.