Be Successful in Your Business via Hard Work, Emotional Intelligence and Supportive Relationships

Most of us look up to someone else whom we consider a role model. Chances are that person has a successful career in the field of our choice and a happy personal life as well. Both are necessary for a person to have a good life overall. So when we find someone who has succeeded in both, we look to them for advice. If you’re a business owner, you’ll probably want to take advice from other business owners about success. Here’s what they have to say:

Nothing Beats Hard Work

Most great men and women will tell you that they got to where they are right now by working really hard. So if you start a business, you’re going to have to give it your 100%. And you’ll have to continue to give it your 100% for the long term, not just for the first six months or the first year or even the first few years.

A business is like a child; it needs constant attention. But as long as you nurture it, it will flourish. Also keep in mind the words of Malcolm Gladwell who says that if you want to be really great at something, you need to put 10,000 hours of work towards it.

Emotional Intelligence                                         

It’s all very well to say that you should work hard at something. But what happens when things go badly and you start feeling low? What happens when you have a setback? How exactly do you motivate yourself to keep going when this happens?

In order to do this, you have to develop emotional intelligence which is really just the ability to pick yourself up and keep going. You can’t let the little things bother you. You can’t let criticism get under your skin. You have to be able to incorporate it if you find it justified or shrug it off, if you don’t.

In order to develop emotional intelligence, you also have to be kind to yourself and reward yourself for the little things. Take care of your health, both physical and mental, if you want to keep going in the long run.

Supportive Relationships

Everyone needs to have people close to them, whether these people are spouses, friends, children etc. These are the people who will give you the strength to keep going when you’re feeling low. They’ll support you and stand by you. So you have to nurture these types of supportive relationships.

Yes, it’s possible to just focus on success but will that success be worth it if you have to sacrifice everything else to get there?