Why Should You Outsource HR Instead of Automate It? Part 2

Why Should You Outsource HR Instead of Automate It? Part 2

Not too long ago, we shared a few reasons why moving to automated systems for your Human Resources needs is riskier than outsourcing to a reputable HR company. Now let’s take a look at another reason.

Automation = Over-Simplification

Maybe it seems like many of the more transactional aspects in HR can be easily replaced by an automated system. Maybe your hands are getting cramped by typing in too much employee data by hand — or you just don’t have time to do it. So you look at getting software to do it all for you.

It’s true that there are some processes that can be handled by a computer and not a person. But companies should be very wary of crossing the line and automating too much — what happens when an employee has an unusual situation, or things don’t fit perfectly into the pre-configured box the software has to offer? 

In these cases, automated systems can lead to unnecessary frustration and difficulty getting things done — taking valuable time away from productive and meaningful work. There are any number of complexities and minor differences that can trip up automated systems which can be easily handled by a person. And didn’t you think about getting an automated, turn-key system to reclaim your time in the first place? Beware of technologies which end up taking up more of your time to untangle than you had originally spent on employee management in the first place.

In our next post, we’ll take consider specific scenarios in which an outsourced HR company can support your growth more effectively than technology ever can. Stay tuned!