Why Should You Outsource HR Instead of Automate It? Part I

Why Should You Outsource HR Instead of Automate It? Part I

It might be easy to understand the appeal of automating HR processes: human resources personnel are often overworked and understaffed, and it’s our nature to look for shortcuts. For many businesses, that shortcut takes the form of automating as much as possible in human resources. 

But over-automation can quickly kill off the very thing that makes a company thrive: employee engagement and productivity. And without your people working efficiently and effectively, how can you scale your business? Put simply: without people, there’s no company. 

Let’s take a look at why over-automating Human Resources is a huge threat to modern-day companies and what you can do instead to take care of your people without taking up your time. (Hint: outsourcing HR is a viable and affordable alternative!)

Over-Automation = Bad Employee Experiences

You’ve probably had this experience before in your personal life. You call a company’s customer service department, and get stuck in a maze of preset, robotic questions and key presses. “Just let me talk to a real person!” you cry out, wondering why on earth you can’t just ask an actual human being if your order can be updated.

That’s frustrating!

So why would you subject your employees to a similar experience? Don’t let your employees go bald from pulling their hair out every time they interact with HR — don’t rely on an automated system. After all, HR exists to support your people so they can continue to positively contribute to the company’s progress. Replacing that vital part of the company with software just going to cut it.

A well-supported, happy workforce is a productive workforce. You don’t want employees to associate any part of your company (ahem, HR) with despair or hatred. 

Looking for more reasons to outsource your human resources needs, rather than turn to automation? Stay tuned for part two!