Human Resources: Respect in the Workplace

Human Resources: Respect in the Workplace

Respect in the workplace is considered one of the top five things that employees seek from their employer. Respect and dignity from management relates to more than simply getting along with other employees. It also relates to fairness, equity, and recognition. Employees who feel as though their actions are consistently recognized, continue to strive to be worthy of this recognition. Additional ways management can display respect for employees include:

Empowering employees by providing tools and resources needed to be successful.

Providing ongoing supportive feedback that is both positive and corrective.

Setting clear expectations for performance and holding employees accountable.

Demonstrating trust in employees’ abilities and decisions.

Respect is heard in how management communicates with employees both verbally and non-verbally. Thus, it is just as important to be aware of body language and demeanor as it is to be aware of word choices. Respect is heard in tone of voice as well as in the words used in communicating with employees. Moreover, employees gauge the level of respect by how new rules and procedures are established, how the rules and procedures are presented to employees, and through compensation and rewards.

Respect can be demonstrated with simple, but powerful actions. The ability of management to demonstrate respect for employees creates an energized organizational climate. As a result, the energy of the organization is geared towards remaining competitive within the industry instead
of building defenses against internal critics. Further, respect helps all employees feel as though they have a piece of ownership in the organization and that their voice matters. When respect is consistently demonstrated, the benefits are far-reaching to all connected to the organization. 

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