Outsourcing HR for Professional Background Checks

Background checks are helpful in evaluating several things about a prospective employee. These things include criminal records, credit reports, and driving records. It is estimated that nearly 70% of employers  perform background checks. However, most of these organizations do not use outsource this service. Organizations who chose to perform background checks internally usually do so when they are required by law to run specific background checks such as fingerprint checks. Other organizations may have the resources and knowledge of how to efficiently carry out this task. However, there are some organizations that do not possess the budget or knowledge and struggle to perform this task with limited resources.

The decision to outsource background checks allows organizations streamline and maintain a time-consuming process. This is especially advantageous for larger organizations that have multiple locations. Outsourcing this task can help with the difficulties of managing a large number of candidates that may be located in different areas. Additionally, here are other reasons why organizations choose to outsource background checks:

Added Expertise. An outside company that specializes in background checks becomes a business partner that provides the organization with all the pertinent information needed to make the best decision in regards to hiring. Such information is vital in mitigating risk.

Compliance. Fully understanding the rules around criminal reports can be difficult. Most organizations are not well versed in the Fair Credit Reporting Act and would likely have to spend considerable time researching it. Forming a partnership with a company that is knowledgeable about compliance, saves time and possible litigation.  

Business Continuity. An organization that is able to avoid having to spend valuable time researching the best way to gain information about a prospective employee is one that can focus on what’s most important. Outsourcing background checks allows for better use of time and resources to further develop the products or services offered.

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