Human Resources – Tapping into Perks that Retain

The innovative ideas that make up a great place to work can easily be adapted and implemented to create a positive work environment.   However, too many companies fail to link employee morale against profitability. 

Forbes reported on the top 21 perks that attract talent.  The key factor is deciding which perks provide high impact at minimal costs.  Below are a list of ideal perks and practices that each company can achieve to attract quality personnel.

1. Recreation room.  Most work environments create stress that needs an outlet. A recreation room provides a great location for employees to temporarily escape to elevate tension.  This room could be as simple as providing computers to freely surf the net to the extreme of a ping-pong table and nap chairs.  Being completely free of work-related material is necessary since the goal is to temporarily escape the environment.

2. Adequately manage personnel.  A mistake that decreases morale is retaining non-productive employees.  Employees know which co-workers are contributing and which employees the company needs to terminated.  Lack of action in terminating non-productive employees does impact the entire productivity of the company. Employees begin to resent “carrying” the extra weight.

3. Hire from within.  Most of your talent resides within the company ranks. A company that “reserves” key positions as internal postings creates a more positive work environment.  However, positions will arise that lack a resource within the company.  When this occurs, the company needs to thoroughly communicate why they needed to hire from outside the organization.

4. Respect the “genius.”  Listen to your employees.  Allow them to help push your company beyond its current success.  When employers offer autonomy and input, employees feel empowered at work.

Basically, a company can attract talented individuals using a smaller range of perks that do not require a large investment of capital. The genius is tapping into the right motivators that inspire employees.    

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