5 Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment

If you want your company to succeed, you must take care of your most important asset – your employees.   Keeping employees happy and engaged in their jobs is a must for any company regardless of industry.  It’s no secret that unhappy employees are less productive, creative, and committed which ultimately hurts the bottom-line.  So how do you go about creating a work environment that keeps our employees coming to work every day with a smile on their face?  Here are five ideas for creating a positive work environment.

Take Time for Fun

Set aside a game room in the building where employees can congregate, bond, and re-energize.   Also consider having quarterly activities during work hours that encourage team building. 

Offer Free Snacks

According to USAToday, free snacks and drinks are perks that can go a long way towards recruiting and retaining employees.  In the study, employees stated that “the presence of snacks and availability of free meals fosters a more collaborative atmosphere and sense of fun.”

Be Open to Feedback

Encourage employees to voice ideas on topics such as improving processes or creating a better work environment.   Ask for their opinions on new benefits or even on how management is performing.  This shows that you value employees and that everyone’s input is important.

Recognize and Reward Good Performance

Acknowledging a job well-done reinforces good performance and increases the odds of repeat behavior.  Monetary rewards are typically given, but other more simple rewards can have the same effects.  Simply saying thank you, making a public announcement, or making someone employee of the month can go a long way without making a dent in the budget.

Keep Work Load Manageable

Overloading your employees causes stress and affects personal lives; many time employees will quit.  No employee should have to bear the burden of a job that is really meant for two or more people.

Consider outsourcing any additional responsibilities. 

If your company wants to spend less time on HR administration and more time focusing on what you do best, then contact our HR professionals at ModernHR and we will be happy to discuss options with you.