How To “Let Go” And Trust Your Employees To Do The Job Right

One way to get a lot of pressure off you as an entrepreneur is to delegate work. But in order to delegate, you have to trust your employees. This doesn’t just mean trusting them with money or trusting them to be honest. It also means trusting them to do the job right.

Many people have trouble “letting go,” so they end up doing a lot of the work themselves. But there’s not much point hiring people and then refusing to trust them. Instead, you need to figure out why you’re having trust issues and tackle the problem head on.

Figure Out Why You’re Having Trust Issues

Is there a genuine issue with the employee/employees in your company? Did you assign them work several times only to find that they were unable to do it or did it badly? Or have you never actually been able to loosen up enough to delegate the work?

Changing Job Descriptions/Replacing Employees

If it turns out that the employees do, in fact, have some issues performing the tasks listed in their job descriptions, you might have to change those job descriptions and their salaries as well. This will prevent you from having to let them go completely. But if it’s absolutely not possible to keep on those employees, you might have to take steps towards replacing them.

Breaking Up the Task and Assigning It

So maybe you’ve been thinking about this problem, but you’ve realized that it’s not the fault of the employees. Maybe you just haven’t been able to bring yourself to assign important tasks to them. And you don’t feel like you can do so now either.

If this is the case, then why not break up the task into smaller chunks and give your employees one chunk at a time. Once they seem to understand how the different steps work, they’ll be able to take over the entire task altogether.

Explaining the Task to Your Employees

Explaining what you need your employees to do can also help with making sure that the job gets done right. If the task is an important/complex one, you can sit down with the employee and make sure they understand the various steps involved. You can also try writing down your instructions. And, as an added step, get them to repeat what you told them back to you to make sure they understand.