How to Draw on Your Inner Reserves of Strength and Kindness to Lead People

When it comes to entrepreneurship, you come across many different types of people. There are people who are strong; they have a lot of force of will and determination. And then, there are people who are kind; they always have the time to talk to others and help them solve their problems.

It’s very difficult to find someone who has both these characteristics. However, both can be useful while running a business. So how do you develop them?

Figure Out Your Entrepreneurship Style

Which of these two qualities do you possess more of? If your employees had to rate you on a scale of one to five on both of them, where do you think you would stand? Do people usually think of you as strong or kind? Or do they think you have a little more of one of these two qualities?

What do you think about yourself? Maybe you’re essentially a kind person who was forced to become strong due to circumstances or vice versa. Knowing yourself has to be the first step towards any kind of transformation.

Take Baby Steps to Incorporate Strength/Kindness

If you’ve always run a business with strength and not kindness, then it might be terrifying for you to think about changing your entrepreneurship style. The same goes for those who have been running a business with kindness rather than strength.

Keep in mind that it’s not necessary for you to change who you are right away. In fact, don’t even think of it as changing yourself because reserves of strength and kindness lie within every individual. So all you have to do is call on them.

And you don’t need to do all this at one go. Try to incorporate a little bit of what you lack in your entrepreneurship style everyday until it becomes second nature. When you take baby steps and become comfortable with them, you may not hesitate when it comes to taking a big step too.

Remember that the first step towards being strong and kind with others is to be strong and kind with yourself.