Grow Your Business Faster, and Have Fun!

Grow Your Business Faster, and Have Fun!

What is the secret to having fun at work while you are busy growing your business? One professor at Harvard Business School claims the good-for-business secret involves hiring rebels. In her book, Rebel Talent, Francesca Gino tells us that rebels break through limits and achieve good outcomes.

What is a rebel?

A rebel is someone who doesn’t follow rules. These people accomplish their goals creatively and unexpectedly. Is it fun to be around rebels? Sure it is, unless you feel threatened by them. If you are the type of leader who wants to control your employees, then don’t hire a rebel. If you are a leader who is interested in new perspectives, authentic workers, and diversity, then read on to learn more about the results of rebel talent.

How to get good results out of rebel talent

Encourage creativity. Your talented team members need to know they are allowed to think outside the box. Don’t ignore their ideas just because it doesn’t align with your way of thinking. A business that moves forward is a business that allows multiple people to find solutions to problems.

Encourage research. You want your rebels to know a lot. In fact, they should know everything they can about your business. This back-knowledge will allow them to dig deep into existing problems and come up with new and effective solutions.

Encourage teamwork. You already understand that a team of brilliant talent is better than one brilliant mind. But how can you get your brilliant team to work together, talk together, and find solutions together? Think about their work space. Does the design of their working area encourage interaction? Make sure your people will cross paths during the day. You never know when one idea bounced off another idea will become the perfect thing to move your business forward.

Rebel talent may not be for every leader, but at least let the novel idea of hiring rebels stew in your mind for awhile. It might lead to a fun and surprisingly effective decision!