Why You Should Be a Coach to Your Employees

Why You Should Be a Coach to Your Employees

Maybe you’ve heard of employers who take on the role of coach in the workplace. And maybe you rolled your eyes, thinking that coaches belonged at the football stadium, not in your office. Instead of dismissing the idea of coaching, take a look at the ways your employees can benefit from having a coach for a boss.

Focused Vision

A coach gathers together the team and reminds them of the ultimate goal. Are there too many rabbit trails leading away from the whole point of the project? It’s time for a team huddle. A good coach keeps the team focused on the goal.

Practice, Practice, Practice

In a sport, practice is a given. It keeps the team in shape, helps them learn new skills, and allows everyone to be aware of the team’s strengths and weaknesses. So why is practice not on the office schedule? It should be. A coach can help an employee practice that all-important sales pitch. A good coach understands who needs to work on tone inflection and smiling more. Think of these drills as a way to ensure more successful interchanges between employee and client.

Switch Positions When Needed

What does a baseball coach do when the third baseman shows good potential for being a pitcher? He lets the third baseman try out as a pitcher! So what should an employer do when a technical writer displays potential for being an excellent salesperson? You’ve got it. The employer-coach should not be afraid to switch his employees’ jobs around a bit. If it’s good for the employee and good for the team, there’s no reason an employee can’t switch positions or take on varied responsibilities. That’s how the game works.

Understand Your Employees

Coaches work with each employee, learning more about the individual every day. In this way, the coach can speak to the individual in the way that will make the most sense. Instructions need not come in one-size-fits-all. Instead, a good coach customizes his approach to each individual, knowing that one employee needs his instructions emailed to him in detail while another will respond best to a friendly chat in his office.

Victory Dance

Well, there may not be an actual victory dance in the cubicles, but there definitely should be rewards for work well done. A good coach recognizes success and keeps up employee motivation.

Is it time for you to consider becoming a coach to your team of employees?