Human Resources Opportunities: Remote Workforce

Human Resources Opportunities: Remote Workforce

Human resources departments have been challenged by a rapidly diversifying force that is working across multiple territories, platforms, and through changing job structures such as remote work by employment or contracting. These workplaces have the potential to create agile, highly motivated and tech-prepared employees. But challenges include unifying systems, languages, communications, oversight and performance management, and basics of pay and benefits for workers across diverse systems.

Consistency is key. HR vision and mission statements should be evaluated and updated to reflect a workforce that is diverse both in its nature and through the workplaces, systems, and structures. While language and literacy can be variable, all employees and workers through contract should be able to understand how to access needed information in their time zone, and how to perform necessary tasks related to pay and benefits. Chatbots are filling these diverse communication needs though online systems, self-service kiosk-type systems, and instant messaging through structured platforms.

Oversight, supervision, and employee performance appraisals should also be consistent for employees who are working across diverse systems and platforms. Standards for evaluations should be understood by managers and leadership, and should be consistent across the board, both expectations for evaluations and data standards for evaluation. If leadership has access to employee data, and workers have access to their performance appraisals through an automated platform, and these systems are available in multiple languages and time zones, then a global company working in multiple territories can remain consistent with oversight of a diverse workforce.

A cloud-based system that manages HR functions for a global, diverse workforce can be secure. At this time, many remote and contract employees, as well as the regular workforce, are using unsecured Wi-Fi to log into company systems. Many also use the same password across multiple platforms. Customized mobile apps specific to the workplace, combined with cloud storage, can allow both for increased security and rapid data management. Both employee data, customer data, and trends in the marketplace can be evaluated using specific and safe algorithms.

Managing remote employees can strengthen a workforce by increasing agility through new skill sets. The practical goals for the HR role in the diverse workforce can best be managed by new systems designed to provide consistency across the board, increased access to communication, and cyber-security.