Staying Calm, Cool, and Collected When Nobody Else Is

Staying Calm, Cool, and Collected When Nobody Else Is

No matter what your workplace environment is like, from time to time it can get chaotic. Making sure to have a strategy to stay calm amidst the craziness can help you and your team power through difficult periods or tasks on the job.

Make A Plan

As much as you can, map out your plan of action. Having even a rough “outline” can help you and those around you stay on task and know what to do next without becoming even more overwhelmed. Delegate somebody to be the go-to person or volunteer yourself so others can come to one designated person for direction and things can keep moving as smoothly as possible.

Take Baby Steps

If your workplace is becoming chaotic, do what you can and be realistic in your tasks. Take things moment by moment and step by step, rejoicing in small victories one task at a time. Taking small, bite-sized pieces of the situation and tackling them one at a time will help you keep a level head and make a daunting project seem easier.

Delegate Tasks

A well-oiled machine only functions properly if the pieces are… well-oiled! Make sure your staff/coworkers know your expectations and how they can help solve whatever problems have arose. When everyone knows what they are to do, it may calm down the chaos. Have the point-of-contact person well-known and accessible to help with any questions.

Plan For Alternative Outcomes

Anticipate and accept that things might not go the way you have planned and plan for that! When things are up in the air, it can help to anticipate problems from the beginning so you aren’t overwhelmed and blind-sided at the last second.

Reset and Refocus

Whether by yourself or with your team, take a second to breathe, relax, ground yourself, and get back on task. Taking a few cleansing minutes to clear your head can be beneficial and let you see things from a new perspective, ultimately helping you and your coworkers find a solution.