Why Artificial Intelligence Can’t Mimic Human Communication

As time goes on, more and more tasks are becoming automated. For example, in the beginning, a scribe was needed to create each and every book (and these books were quite beautiful). Now, the job is done with printing presses.

In a way, this is beneficial: more people get access to the book. But this also means that you lose the personal touch. Each book isn’t a work of art anymore.

Artificial Intelligence vs. the Personalized Approach

When it comes to HR, the world of artificial intelligence is taking over. The internet is chock full of job listings and job seekers.

Sure, this type of approach to hiring employees can work. However, there’s also something to be said for a personalized approach–when someone sits down with you and understands exactly what you’re looking for in your business.

  • What type of employees do you want to hire?
  • What qualities are important to you in an employee?
  • What kind of company culture are you trying to create? 

The employees you have aren’t just there to do a job. They determine the character of your business. They determine what type of atmosphere exists in your offices. They will eventually determine the direction your business takes.

Softwares and Algorithms vs. Human Communication

It’s good when someone understands exactly what you’re looking for and if that person is a living, breathing human being rather than a software or an algorithm. You can rely on a person to understand you in a way that you can’t rely on artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence will give you what you want but in human communication, many things are unspoken and intuitive. It’s this extra layer of service that you get when you work with a personalized HR company.