Human Resources: Four Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

When you have a clock-in-clock-out work environment, your employees are more likely to check out before the day is done. Give your greatest assets–your employees–a reason to stay invested in your company and their job by creating a workplace they enjoy being a part of. Here are four ideas to get you started:

Provide volunteer opportunities.

According to U.S. News, people who volunteer are happier and have higher self-esteem–two things that are important for workplace success. Provide opportunities for your employees to contribute to something bigger than the bottom line of your company with volunteer programs. By enabling them to do good for the world, you help them feel good about themselves and what your company stands for. 


Recognize employees’ hard work, milestones, and big life events. Share good news at the beginning of meetings, send out a thoughtful email, and host an optional-attendance baby shower. Food is always a crowd-pleaser and an easy way to celebrate. 

Get to know one another.

Each week, write a new question on a shared whiteboard for your team to answer. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? What’s your go-to potluck dish?

Send out a “Guess who!” email periodically. Provide a few hints about a person and see if the team can guess who it is. His favorite color is red. He has two kids and one pet. 

Have fun.

Hold optional meetings with themed games, like Jeopardy or Pictionary. Or provide opportunities for friendly competition with cubicle decoration contests, chili cook-offs, and more. 

Your employees are your biggest investment. When you give them a reason to clock-in beyond their paycheck, you are giving them a reason to be invested in the goals of your company.