Human Resources: What Makes an Inclusive Leader

Human Resources: What Makes an Inclusive Leader

Gone are the days of strict authoritarian leadership. The business world has evolved to embrace new management styles that reflect a commitment, not only to profitability of business, but to bettering society. Today, it is time for inclusive leadership which embraces diversity, acceptance and promotes social education. Inclusive management means improved employee teams and better customer service.

Learn the traits necessary to be this new kind of leader:

Inclusive managers learn to recognize and address biases. They believe in equitable treatment for everyone without regard to gender, age, race, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or religion.

These leaders take time and make the effort to learn about diverse cultures, and they accept the varied backgrounds of their workers and clients.

This type of leader recruits candidates for employment with diversity in mind. His workers include both genders, various ages and people of different races and nationalities.

Inclusive leaders value new and different ideas and incorporate these in their business practices.

These adaptive managers work to attract people of different races and national origins as customers. They direct their employees to treat all clients with respect.

This manager is authentic and transparent with everyone in the company.

This leader promotes teamwork and discourages cliques. His work groups include individuals of different ages from various backgrounds.

An inclusive leader promotes multicultural education. He strives to help everyone
accept and embrace diversity.

Inclusive management breathes new life into the workplace and beyond. Leaders who adopt inclusive practices pave the way for better businesses in the future.

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