Outsourcing HR: Give Your Company the Gift of Human Resources This Year

It’s a new year, and your company has new goals and a fresh budget to work with. If your company is expanding, one of the questions in your mind might be whether you should be adding a human resource department. This isn’t always an easy decision, since adding HR creates an expensive line in any company’s budget.

For growing companies not able to afford a full-time human resource department, outsourcing HR is often a great solution. If your company is in this position, here’s why you might want to consider hiring an outsourced HR department this year:

Only pay for the time you need. Full-time, or even part-time human resource representatives are an expense that doesn’t make sense for your company if it’s smaller and you still don’t need a lot of hours. With outsourced HR, you only pay for the amount of time your company actually needs representation.

Experienced representatives. Companies with smaller budgets for HR may be forced to hire inexperienced HR workers who haven’t worked with more challenging situations yet. HR representatives from outsourced departments have years of experience working with a wide variety of companies and situations. Working with more than one company at once allows them to accumulate a variety of work experience more quickly.

No need to worry about benefits. Hiring an outsourced department is a contractual relationship, meaning you don’t take on the expense or liability of hiring an employee. There’s no need to pay an outsourced HR department health insurance, paid time off, or additional employee taxes to Uncle Sam. It’s also easier to end the contractual relationship if your business’ plans change.

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