Recruiting: How to Connect With Millennials

Millennials bring youthful energy and creative ideas to the workplace, making them very sought-after among recruiters. Here are some steps your talent acquisition team can take to make your company more competitive.

1) Be transparent

Millennials grew up around the internet and are used to having everything out in the open. There are many aspects to being a transparent company. The first involves social media. Millennials expect many businesses to have social media accounts and keep them regularly updated. It allows them to easily learn more about the company and trends in the industry.

The second aspect is work culture, and many millennials prefer open workspaces that are inducive to collaboration and creativity. Similarly, they value free and honest communication among both peers and supervisors. As recruiters, this means you should be direct about job responsibilities, office culture, company leadership, and benefits when speaking about the position. Similarly, you should also be open to addressing negative reviews that they may have read about the company online and why that should not deter them from taking a job with you.

2) Provide quick responses

Millennials have a reputation as a generation that needs instant gratification and are constantly on-the-go. Whether that is true or not, the fact is that they are adept at using text messages and Facebook chats. They are used to doing business quickly and efficiently.  When recruiting and selecting, you should be able to respond to their questions quickly. Stay in contact and inform them of your decisions as soon as possible. The last thing you want is for them to receive an email from you six months after they originally applied. By that point, they already moved on to other companies. 

3) Show growth opportunities

Research shows that 40% of new graduates consider growth opportunities to be one of the biggest factors in choosing a place to work, putting them much higher than salary/benefits and work-life balance. They value a culture that encourages them to grow and learn as professionals. When recruiting, let them know promotion opportunities and where they can go when they take on the job. As a company, you can host a mentoring program that pairs new workers up with experienced ones in the same area. You can also promote seminars, workshops, and conferences to show different ways your employees can continue their learning. Millennials will appreciate that and will be happy to know that you are supporting them in their journey.

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