Reality Check - Are You a Good Employee?

Reality Check – Are You a Good Employee?

Every day around the world, managers and employees arrive at work to put in a full day of productive activity. Or at least that is what companies hope from their employees. But are you a good employee? In the competitive job market today, you need to have many skills and sell your
accomplishments but you also need to prove that you are a good employee.

Here are some top tips for determining whether you are a good employee:

  • Are you dependable? Do you show up for work on time, every time? Does your manager and your team know you are available and responsive?
  • Do you communicate effectively? Does your team understand your expectations and does your boss know what you are working on? Do you reduce the number of emails or meetings required by addressing all issues concisely and thoroughly? Do you respond quickly and efficiently to questions or projects?
  • Do you carry your own weight? Would your coworkers say you are a valuable member of the team? Does your manager rely on you for major projects? Are you a team player?
  • Do you have a positive relationship with your coworkers, managers, and clients?
  • Do you enjoy what you do?

Without passion for your work, it may be hard to be a good employee.

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