Non-Profits and NGOs and Human Resources

Non-Profits and NGOs and Human Resources

Non-profits and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) around the world seek to serve and reach as many people as they can within their own fields — whether in education, arts, religion, humanitarian aid, disaster aid, or enduring poverty. You can find hundreds of thousands of NGOs through the world at Wango, Charity Navigator or a host of other sites.  NGOs are spending billions of dollars each year to reach people for their intended goals.

However, how do these organizations reach their clients and expand their individual reach?  Through their employees.   Without strong employees, these NGOs will be ineffective and many will ultimately fail.  Cultivating capable and talented employees will help ensure the success of any organization, but especially non-profit organizations often faced with limited resources to begin with.

An article on Chron discusses various issues facing nonprofits and their HR needs:

“…there are some human resources issues unique to nonprofits, including compensation and benefits, training and development, and recruitment and selection. Nonprofits also are likely to have a stable of volunteers who pose their own HR challenges.”

Outsourcing HR needs for nonprofits is a viable and often positive change for the organization. At ModernHR, our mission is to make your human resources needs easier and more manageable. We are able care for the employees who care for so many around the world. We work to manage the unique challenges that face each specific not-for-profit organization as effectively as possible. We will assist you in maintaining employees satisfied in their roles. We will fill the gaps that many nonprofits have in trying to retain quality employees. ModernHR serves for-profit and not-for-profit organizations alike.  For more information on the services we can offer to your organization, contact us.