Are You Action-Oriented? 

One important characteristic that employers look for in their employees is that they are action-oriented. An employer does not want someone who is just there to punch a clock and stay inside their strictly confined box. A star employee takes action and looks for new ways to shine in their current position, leading them to bright new future possibilities. Get outside of your comfort zone and take control of your career! 

Do You Fit Your Company Culture?

Employers want employees who are a part of the team and fit into the company culture. Does your attitude and mindset fit the DNA of your employer. It is important to an employer that your vision and goals match theirs. 

Are You a Team Player

Similar to the last point, employers value a team player. This shows them that you value the goals of the company and the decision you make are in line with their purposes. If you want to be considered as a star employee, make sure that you are not acting autonomously but that you are seeking to contribute as a member of a team and ultimately seeking the success of your corporation.