Human Resources: Making Valentine’s Day Great in the Office

As a human resources professional, one of the ways you can boost employee spirits is to make special holidays fun for all employees. Valentine’s Day is coming up, and although this holiday typically gets associated with the romantic, it’s also a great time for demonstrations of platonic appreciation and caring for your team. Here are a few ways to make Valentine’s Day a wonderful office event for employees of every relationship status.

Send appreciation emails. It’s never a bad time to acknowledge your staff, but Valentine’s Day is a particularly nice occasion to do so. Send employees a “Happy Valentine’s Day” email, letting them know how much human resources values the work they do. Amidst the compliments, this can also be a great time to discreetly link to your website’s appropriate office conduct policy.

Encourage exchange of appropriate cards. Encourage your managers to have staff exchange appreciation cards and small candies or tokens of appreciation, and have the manager get cards for every staff member. Make sure managers and employees know any cards exchanged should not be romantic or sexual in nature. Another good policy is that any employees who bring in cards must bring them for the entire team, to avoid incidents of favoritism and exclusion.

Have a small gathering with sweets. Nothing lets your staff know you love them like having Valentine’s Day treats available for breakfast and/or lunch from human resources. Most staff members will enjoy pastries, scones, bagels, and heart-shaped cookies. Also consider having sugar-free treats and sweet fruit for those employees who are diabetic or watching their waistline.  

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