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understanding the basics of leadership.

** workshop submitted for HRCI certification **

Statistics show 60% of frontline supervisors and managers will fail within the first two years in their role, 26% felt they weren’t ready for the role and 58% reported receiving no training” according to Career Builder Survey in 2015. “65% of employees would rather have a better boss over a raise” according to Michelle McQuaid, a world leader in positive psychology interventions in the workplace.

Poorly trained or unprepared supervisors or managers should be a thing of the past. Today there are many cost-effective ways to ensure the success of newly promoted leadership which in turn will generate a productive, constructive work environment.
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"I have attended several leadership courses in the past, but this one covered areas and provided new information I was not aware of."

"I will apply this information every single day. All the material was very helpful."

"I really enjoy the role playing & working in a team environment the most. It gives you the opportunity to see others point of view."

"I am a new manager and the topic of hiring is good info."

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