Take Back Control of Your Work Situation by Letting Go

Posted by Creatiq Support | Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Take Back Control of Your Work Situation by Letting Go

Posted by Creatiq Support | Wednesday, February 7, 2018

There are very few people out there who have learned to let go and embrace
the now. Most people may not even understand what that means.

In general, if you ask someone how their workday went, you need to brace
yourself for a litany complaints. Maybe their back is hurting. Maybe they had
some issues with their supervisor. Maybe they’re not getting along with their

It’s actually easy to sympathize with these people because we have all been
through the same or something similar. It’s rare to find a job where you love
what you do and also love the people around you. There are going to be
drawbacks in every position.

Choosing How You

Many experts say that it’s possible to react to work events in a different
way. If your coworker is annoying you, you don’t have to get annoyed. You can
choose to take a deep breath and ignore their comment. Or you can respond to it

You might have to grit your teeth in order to do this, at least at first.
However, after a while, it becomes second nature. You start doing it
automatically. And the more you do it, the more you’ll find that your situation
at work improves.

Your colleagues might get bored of needling you and turn away to their
tasks. Or maybe you’ll find a different position in which the working
conditions are better.

Letting Go or

If you want to respond to an event in a positive way, you have to learn to
let go or surrender. What exactly does this mean and is it possible to do it
consciously? Isn’t letting go just something that happens? Is it possible to
force it?

The answer is yes and no. You can’t force the moment of surrender. You’ve
probably had it. Everyone has had it at some point in their lives. You work
really hard at something, give up and then have an “aha!” moment when
everything falls together.

Or you might just have a moment when you feel like your body and mind
suddenly relax and after a little while, you find yourself solving the problem
that was bothering you. Either way, surrender seems like something that just

However, you can also make it happen. Since relaxation is an important
component of surrender, doing something that relaxes you can help you to
surrender. This might be yoga, meditation or just reading a book. Some people
find that doing something hectic, like running, also helps to tire them out and
use up their physical energy so that they can finally relax.

Pick a method that works for you. Or use a variety of methods that you can
turn to throughout the day.